4 Reasons Why Someone Would Drink An Energy Drink

4 Reasons Why Someone Would Drink An Energy Drink

While most energy drinks are sweet caffeinated beverages, they are not quite the same as either a soda or a sports drink. Compared with a Coke or other soft drink, an energy drink usually has less sugar and more caffeine. Unlike sports drinks, energy drinks do not replenish lost fluids and electrolytes. People who go for an Energy Drink usually do so for the following reasons.

Reason #1: They need to stay awake. This is a common reason why students drink energy drinks. The extra caffeine helps them stay awake in order to study late into the night. Long distance drivers who worry about dozing off behind the wheel may also rely on energy drinks as a way to stay alert. The drinks are effective in providing a boost of energy and wakefulness that can last for several hours.

Reason #2: They are combating fatigue. Some people experience chronic fatigue and have trouble mustering the energy required to do daily tasks like grocery shopping, cooking, or laundry. This condition can be a symptom of an illness, or it can result from problems like insomnia or sleep apnea. Energy drinks can provide them enough energy to get through the day, but people who are drinking them for this reason should consult with their physician to treat the underlying cause of the fatigue.

Reason #3: They are mixing energy drinks with alcohol. Most energy drinks themselves are alcohol-free, but some pre-mixed alcoholic drinks are now being sold in cans. Some people believe that by combining an energy drink with alcohol, they’ll be able to stay more alert. While it is true that energy drinks mixed with alcohol lead to a “wide awake drunk” experience, scientists report that the combination is more dangerous than alcohol alone.

Reason #4: They want to improve their mood. This reason is commonly given by young people who use energy drinks as a pick-me-up when they want to feel better or have a good time. An energy boost can make them feel more social.

As long as energy drinks are consumed in moderation, they are no more of a health risk than other sweet caffeinated drinks. Because they contain more caffeine than other drinks, though, people with caffeine sensitivity or a heart condition should be careful.

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