Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find support for PAYDAY 3?

Please visit the PAYDAY 3 Support Page to find links to the relevant support channel you require.

My Bonus Cosmetics for the PlayStation 5 version of PAYDAY 3 are not unlocking!

Please visit this News Post for information about this issue.

I have the Collector's Edition of PAYDAY 3, and I haven't yet been invited to the Collector's Club

We're still finalising some details in regards to the Collector's Club and expect to invite all Collector's Edition owners starting next week.

Keep an eye out in your Email Inbox for an invite in the near future!

Where can I find other players to play with?

Join the Official PAYDAY Discord and take a look in the #lfg-payday3 channel!

Or check out the Looking for Group Sub-Forum on Steam.

What engine is the game developed in?

Unreal Engine 4. We started developing the game on Unreal 4, so that's what makes the most sense for us to release. We're planning on upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 post launch.

Which characters will be in PAYDAY 3 at launch?

We originally confirmed the return of the original gang, Dallas, Chains, Hoxton and Wolf.
We also recently confirmed the return of Joy, and revealed that newcomer Pearl is joining the gang.

What talent can we expect in PAYDAY 3?

Simon Kerr and Pete Gold, who have voiced Dallas and Hoxton since PAYDAY: The Heist, will reprise their roles in PAYDAY 3.
Damion Poitier will return as Chains, Siu-See Hung will return as Joy, and we’re introducing Nicklas Berglund to take on the role of Wolf, and also Rebecca LaChance as the role of Pearl.

Where will the game take place?

PAYDAY 3 will take place in New York.

Will the game be available on consoles too?

Yes, PAYDAY 3 will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Now that we’re developing the game in the Unreal Engine we can ensure that the PC and console versions are the same game and not separate games.

How much will the game cost at release?

If I purchase the Standard version now, am I locked out from getting Silver or Gold later?

Not at all. Once PAYDAY 3 releases, we will also offer upgrade packages, so you can upgrade into whichever version you want if you change your mind.

What is included in the season passes?

The Silver Season Pass will include the first 6 months of DLCs, which will be 2 heists, 2 tailor packs and 2 weapon packs.

The Gold Season Pass will include the first year of DLCs, which includes 4 heists, 4 tailor packs and 4 weapon packs.

Our DLC model for PAYDAY 3 will be quite similar to what you’re already used to in PAYDAY 2, and you will still be able to purchase the DLCs separately.

Will PAYDAY 3 have microtransactions?

Yes, you can buy PAYDAY Credits separately, however these are only for purchasing additional cosmetic items. These will not affect the gameplay. The PAYDAY Credits will be added post launch.

When will we get to see some PAYDAY 3 gameplay?

Check out our Gameplay Trailer playlist on Youtube!
In addition, we've been releasing Dev Diary Videos on a regular basis. Check them out!

Which platforms support PAYDAY 3 crossplay and/or cross-progression?

PAYDAY 3 supports crossplay with all supported platforms, which means that you can play with your friends no matter where they prefer to play. You will also be able to avail of cross-progression, so you can heist from your preferred platform at any time.

Who is the main composer for PAYDAY 3?

We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Gustavo Coutinho for this game.

What DLC and other updates can we expect after release?

We’re looking forward to sharing more details about PAYDAY 3’s post launch plans closer to the release date. As of now, what we can say is that we will be releasing 4 additional heists, 4 tailor packs and 4 weapon packs within the first year.

Will PAYDAY 3 have [insert character/feature/location/etc]?

If your question is not answered by any of the above answers, then we have not confirmed this yet. We will reveal a lot more information towards the release, so stay tuned!

Will PAYDAY 3 contain Denuvo?

No, we have announced that Denuvo will no longer be in PAYDAY 3!




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Key Action
W S A D Move
Spacebar Jump / Vault / Mantle
Shift Run
Ctrl Crouch
Shift + Ctrl Slide
Esc Open Menu
Enter Open Chat
Tab Additional Mission Info
Key Action
Left Mouse Shoot
Right Mouse Targeting
Middle Mouse Shout / Mark
R Reload
E Equip / Place / Activate Gadget
F Interact
V Melee
G Mask On / Throw Item or Grenade
X Place Deployable
Q Throw Bag / Shove Human Shield
Z Request OVERKILL Weapon