Lessons Learned from Years with Resources

Lessons Learned from Years with Resources

Kindness and Professionalism and its Impact on Deals

One should never forget that emotions have a drastic impact on deals, it has the power to make or break a deal. Being likable can bring many benefits, it is common sense that in making deals and negotiations this no exception.

Sellers Are Going To Be More Willing To Consider Lowering Their Prices

A seller can be seriously offended by buyers who pitch in low-ball offers. A low ball price can insult a seller by giving the signal that the buyer is not serious in buying or that the obvious attempts of swindling to give a much lower price.

Nothing good can come out of being an unpleasant buyer and even worse if the unpleasant buyer makes low offers and offend the seller But if the buyer came with a friendly attitude and carried with him professionalism, being nice to the seller can yield great benefits, the seller just might consider the low price.

Brokers will always strive to find the perfect buyer for their clients, one who makes good offers and gives a fair deal.

For Sellers

Not all business is going sound. On the outside a business might look spick and span, no problems whatsoever but one must not be complacent and do their research and careful observations, you never know that such company might be a problem to deal with and if done too late, could endanger a deal.

Buyers by nature are skeptical whenever they go on for a transaction because their money is involved and they do not want to end up being disappointed. The buyers will have their eyes wide open for anything that is out of place that could become problems in the future.

Sellers who keep all their accounts and transaction records in Excel is a warning sign for the diligent buyer. Excel, regardless of its capabilities and benefits is not by any stretch an accounting software. This, for many buyers whether they may be right or wrong indicates poor professionalism.

But if you however come forth as a likeable individual and most of all honest, small things such as using excel will not be of any problems and will make them insignificant.

Always be honest and likable. Don’t forget to be honest at all times and always have the courage to speak out and be vocal about any negative aspects that lie on the business. Remember to be transparent, never lie and hide nothing from your buyers. Your buyer will appreciate all this any they will believe any explanation you give about the benefits of your benefits.

This is the aspect that brought Hillary Stiff and Frank Stiff from Cheval Capital to rise.

Always remember to be likable and professional during business transactions and on everyday life as well because it will make you a better person overall.

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