Pleading Guilty and Taking a Case to Court for Resolution

Pleading Guilty and Taking a Case to Court for Resolution

Some people are arrested and are innocent of the crime they’re accused of. Others may feel they’re technically guilty, though they don’t deserve a guilty verdict. More people might be guilty, but hope they can avoid a guilty verdict if they take the case to trial. No matter what the situation is, the person is going to want to ensure they have a lawyer to help them through the trial and ensure they receive a fair trial.

Preparing for a trial starts long before the trial actually begins. It’s important for the person to hire a lawyer when they first decide to plead not guilty, as this gives the lawyer plenty of time to start preparing for the trial. Preparation might include the discovery of evidence, interviewing witnesses, and forming a defense that is going to have the highest chance of being successful. All of this takes some time to do and must be done properly. Mistakes here can have a significant impact on the case as evidence might not be allowed because it wasn’t shared through discovery in time, evidence the person doesn’t want to be shown might be allowed if it wasn’t dismissed in time, and witnesses can forget details if they aren’t interviewed quickly.

During the trial, the person will want to ensure they have a lawyer who is familiar with their case and who has experience with taking cases to trial. This will allow the lawyer to make sure everything is done properly during the proceedings so the person receives a fair trial even if the trial ends with a guilty verdict. The more experience a lawyer has, the better the chances are for the person to receive a not-guilty verdict.

If you’ve been arrested and are planning to plead not guilty or you’d like to find out if pleading not guilty is a good option for you, be sure to contact a Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer as soon as possible. Pleading guilty typically means you’re going to have to go to trial for the case to be determined, so you will want a lawyer who is experienced with trials and able to help you obtain a better outcome.

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