The Talented Benedict Morelli Law Firm Stands Up for Those That Cannot Stand Up for Themselves

The Talented Benedict Morelli Law Firm Stands Up for Those That Cannot Stand Up for Themselves

The Benedict Morelli Law Firm is a well-known name in the legal arena. Not only by clients who have prevailed over injustice, but by other law firms who have turned to the Morelli Law Firm for guidance and training in trial techniques.

Who Is Benedict Morelli?

Mr. Morelli is the founding attorney of the firm with a successful track record representing plaintiffs in cases against major corporations. Facing a legal team from a large, wealthy corporation can be intimidating, but Benedict Morelli stands up for those that have been wronged which has yielded huge multi-million dollar verdicts. With over thirty-five years of trial experience as an attorney, he has stood toe-to-toe with huge adversaries in the courtroom with victorious results.

Examples of the Kinds of Cases He and His Firm Tries

In his years of experience, he has tried civil cases ranging from trip and fall cases, medical malpractice, and even sexual harassment, to name a few. His clients have been awarded millions of dollars in damages, which in some cases, was necessary to allow a client to live a normal life that may not have been possible without the award. Many law firms as well as judges refer clients to Morelli because they know that he has experience to help them. Currently, Benedict Morelli and his firm are representing folks who have fallen victim to complications due to pharmaceuticals.

The Legal Staff at the Firm

The attorneys in the Morelli Law Firm are all highly talented in their specialties. From an editor of the New York Law School Law Review, to a registered nurse who oversees the medical malpractice department, to a top graduate of Florida State University, and to fellow attorneys who understand every detail of medical malpractice, personal injury, and more. The staff is well-versed in trial techniques to assure that those that are injured due to the fault of others are compensated to protect their livelihoods.

Can The Firm Help You?

The Morelli Law Firm offers free consultations for any person who feels he or she has been wronged by another. It is easy to set up an appointment. After submitting a request for consultation, a member of the firm will contact the potential client to set up a meeting. When meeting for an initial consultation, an attorney for the firm will analyze the details to determine whether or not the potential client has a case.

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